Wordplay and Del Toro


I’m back.

After the night I had last night, this post will be more “outlet” than “informational”.  Some of you may have seen my FaceTweets last night (this morning) and been like, “Jesus… wtf?” or something to that effect.  All I can say is that sometimes trying to speak to someone in a heart-to-heart kind of way when the other person is on a completely different planet mentally, the conversation can do more damage than good… damage that is slight and get-over-able, but damaging nonetheless. Damaging especially when the other person is someone you respect as a superior, mentor, and teacher.

In any case, I’ve been beating myself up for 3 weeks over my lack of word-output blog wise. Today that will be rectified. I might even throw in a few puns.

Compartmentalization. A long word version of the phrase: “check your baggage at the door”.

Chefs deal with this concept daily… how successfully they do it truly depends on the weight of said baggage. Be it bills, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, sibling, dealer, bookie, landlord, doctor, blah… it’s baggage. Extra weight. Extra. Too much. And then there’s the job.

Just like at the airport, it also depends on your journey. How much time you plan you invest in your trip is usually directly proportional to how much of your shit you try to cram into a suitcase. I haven’t traveled by air in a long time, so I’m not sure what the weight limit is or how much the airlines charge for checked baggage over that limit, but I’m sure you could file it under “ass rape” in your book of monetary injustices.

I unabashedly claim this movie as one of my favs. Del Toro. Walken. Nuff said.

The same can be said for holding that “baggage” in your professional life. You will pay dearly if you can’t let go. Leave it. You could lose your paycheck and/or your mind if you try to deal with both simultaneously. This is the same for any industry, but I have the feeling that for those who also have a high-stress work environment… things have the propensity to get ugly.

But we all have those days. The days that you are just too tired, too inside your own head, and too languid to deal with any of it. So you don’t deal with any of it. Your performance fails, in every sense of it. The “it” becomes everything. When someone asks you, “Is everything alright?” all you can think to say is “define ‘everything’ and define ‘alright'”. Then all you say is “Yep.” But it gets really magical when almost everyone you work with is feeling the same way.  All you can do is put out plates and regurgitate every profanity you ever learned in a Turrets-esque rant to try to express, nay, embrace your anger.

Then there’s the work. Your work. Your art. Your reputation. Your standards. I don’t care if I sound hippy-dippy when I say that when you are passionate about your work as much as I am and you put your whole being into it, if you aren’t in the right mindset when making your work… it will affect your work. The energy or “vibe” if you will, can jeopardize your work, which could jeopardize your patrons’ experience, which could taint your reputation, etc. etc…. and that CANNOT happen.

There are no carry-ons allowed on this flight. The work is enough to keep your mind busy, occupied.  At least it should be…

In summation: if you can’t check your bags and you can’t bring a carry-on… you might end up as carrion. (like that word play? I do too…)

Thanks for waiting.

Thanks for reading.



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I cook really tasty food. I listen to really great music. I learn something new every single day. I run around with the best people on the planet. I'm loving my life.
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